Laptop backpack

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This back pack is the perfect companion for your day-to-day. With so many pockets to keep order in your things, as well as special place to keep your tablet or 15-inch laptop.

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Made from revolutionary Kraft paper, this bag is 100% plant-based from sustainable FSC-certified timber, yet washable. Due to the special technology used, the bag will keep your things dry through all but the most biblical downpour and retains its strength, even when wet!  The material has been especially designed to looks like it’s been with you for years. It can be ironed flat if you are looking for a crisp, clean look.

The key details are:

  • 100% plant-based Kraft paper is highly abrasion resistant and strong
  • Uses vegan friendly & environmentally responsible materials
  • The “bag for life” concept ensures it is environmentally friendly
  • Can be washed over 100 times
  • Soft lining
  • 2 external pockets for smaller items as well as a large zippered compartment for items like your mobile and money
  • Inside there are:
    • A padded compartment specifically for your books, tablet or a 15-inch laptop
    • A huge compartment for most of your things
    • 2 medium-sized pockets
    • 3 small pockets for small items, including 2 for items like pens
    • A handy rope for keeping keys easily accessible
  • Zipper with soft pull-tab ensures that everything stays within the bag
  • MicroFiber straps are strong yet breathable and sweat-proof
  • Dimensions: 41cm * 28cm * 41cm (H * D * W)
  • Light weight at less than 0.7kg

Still have concerns? Check out our FAQs, particularly those about Kraft paper

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